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Severe weather and related events.

These are a few pics of area severe weather events.  We've got a lot of posting to do here, so please visit often as we have a lot more images to share, as time permits.

The enormity of what will go down in local history as 'the flood of 2013', is depicted in this video taken by Jared Tucker as he crosses the Pecos River from east to west on US 380 east of Roswell.  Over five inches of rain locally, plus heavy upstream precipitation, swelled this river which normally averages about 30 yards wide, into a massive wetland causing the evacuation and rescue of area residents and motorists.

On May 5th 2015, a cold air funnel developed into an EF0 tornado west of Roswell in the vacinity of Eisenhower and La Quinta Roads. 

This tornado tracked along the northwest of Roswell in winter of 2010.

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